Consulting Services

Study Design


Need help with public health or human subjects study research design?

We offer expertise in epidemiologic and behavioral science research:

  • Cross-sectional
  • Longitudinal
  • Cohort 
  • Case-control
  • Quantitative 
  • Qualitative
  • Clinical trials

Data Analysis and Interpretation


Have research data that need to be analyzed, but don't have the time or expertise?

We have expertise in varying analytic methods, and  can 

help you make sense of the research findings:

  • Identifying the story that the data tell
  • Determining the public or pupulation health impact
  • Proposing next steps

Program Evaluation


Need help with evaluation of your program, services, and/or policies, and improving their outcomes for target populations?

We offer services in:

  • Drafting strategic plans for programs, services, and/or policies
  • Determining effectiveness or efficiency of programs, services or policies
  • Proposing ways to improve these programs, services or policies

Grant Support and Editing


Need help in writing a grant?

Need editing services for grants or other documents?

We offer grant writing support and editing services:

  • Customized grant help
  • Editing
    • Essays
    • Cover letters and resumes

Research Dissemination


Need ideas or actual help in disseminating your research findings? 

We offer consulting services in preparation and presentation of:

  • Manuscripts
  • Oral presentations
  • Poster presentations

Content Expertise


Looking for content expertise in public health and/or human subjects research?

We offer:

  • Training/coaching in research design and analysis 
  • Courses - online/face-to-face
  • Speaking engagements

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